Activity Streams Lite

Syndicating Hickerspace activities from different sources like GitHub, YouTube, Facebook and many more. This project is based on the idea of Activity Streams.

Development happens on GitHub.

Available Formats

Get our activities as JSON or Atom.

Pagination & Save Points

Add the page parameter to request the first/second/third/.. 30 activities.

If you want only new activities added since your last request, provide the last_id parameter. last_id should be the last activity you are aware of.


Add (multiple) parameter(s) in this syntax:
service.type[.account] (brackets mark optional parts).

Deselect service-type-combinations by putting a minus (-) in front of them.

Use asterisks (*) as type/account wildcards.*.hickerspace*.hickernews


Check the status of our last service requests at our status page.

Services and their corresponding Types

Available accounts for each service are listed in brackets.